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In 2000, Jeff Codman bought an existing helicopter business based in Westport, MA with several contracts including “deer count” flights and many helicopter ride venues, air shows, festivals, and fairs. We have strived over the last 17 years to provide the best flight experience in the industry.

We will continue to grow Bird’s Eye View Helicopter tours showing both tourists and locals alike the beautiful shorelines, the mansions of Newport and much more.

The other core part of our business is aerial photography. In addition to doing our own photography, we regularly fly other professionals and amateurs alike, covering everything from breaking news to boat races and real estate activity.

We are currently in our 17th season doing our scenic tours and have over 25 years specializing in aerial photography. Jeff took his first helicopter flight with his father at the age of 8 at The Big E Fair in a Bell-47 (the “MASH” helicopter). He began flying regularly at the age of 14, with his dad and developed a tremendous love of flight. Jeff received his private airplane license at age 17.

His first helicopter lesson was in 1987. He immediately became obsessed with helicopter flight and all the exciting aspects of it; the unlimited freedoms of movement, exceptional visibility, slow and low flight all were intoxicating to him.

He earned his commercial helicopter license in 1988 and began to develop his aerial photography business photographing businesses, homes, boats and construction projects. In 1994 he earned his flight instructors license and began teaching 3 to 4 students a year with a Robinson R-22 helicopter.

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