Helicopter & Safety

We are a family run aviation business with over 30 years flying experience, highly trained and experienced pilots,
 in-house, factory trained mechanics that use only new Robinson helicopters - the safest, most reliable, best-selling helicopters in the world.

Our helicopter of choice is a Robinson R-44 Raven I. It's unmatched reliability, speed, and exceptional visibility from all seats made using the R-44 the clear choice. We have added several options to ensure the highest level of safety. The aircraft has a bright viper red paint scheme for exceptional visibility to other aircraft. A pulsating LED landing light system was also added. We use Traffic Information System (TIS) equipment, a system that displays air traffic on a moving GPS map to the pilot, just like an air traffic control radar display. The helicopter is also equipped with pop-out emergency floats for over water flights. These floats can be activated in the unlikely event of an emergency water landing. They are designed to keep helicopter upright and the occupants safe.